Monday, September 27, 2010

Arkham Sanitarium Update

This will hopefully be the final week of the Arkham Sanitarium project.

Everything is done and in hand except for the patches and lapel pins. The final patch sample was approved last week and that run is currently in production. If the final pin sample shows up today, as it's scheduled to do, the run of lapel pins should be in my hands on Friday or Saturday.

Again, I apologize for the delay based on my original, overly optimistic production schedule. As several people have pointed out, it's always a good idea to automatically double the production time quoted to you by a manufacturer.


Alex Kaeda said...

Hrm... not sure this is the place for it, but....

Arkham Sanitarium Matchbook download, and Lucky Strike cigarette pack download.

anniv111701 said...

Just FYI, I just started reading a book I picked up from Ebay - "Ice Cores: Essays On Lovecraft's Novella 'At The Mountains Of Madness' by David Haden" and Propnomicon has it's own paragraph on page 44...

anniv111701 said...

Hi Oakree,

I had a go at business cards for the Sanitarium staff in two different styles.

What fonts did you use in the letterhead? (I'd like to try updating the blank card to be an interactive PDF...)

The size of the cards is a bit odd; A standard business card looked too small & "current", standard British was better but still small & 18th-19th cent business calling cards were huge, so I went with a 20's membership card that fits the vintage 20's wallet I have perfectly. Links below:

Propnomicon said...

@ Alex Kaeda

Very nice. How did you work around the friction strip problem? In the past I've superglued a strip taken from a donor matchbook, but a little kludgy.

And I look forward to seeing more stuff on your blog!

@ anniv111701

Now I'll definitely have to order a copy.

For some reason the Google Docs links aren't working. I tried with both Firefox and Chrome. Can you email me the link from the Google Docs page? My address is propnomicon-squiggly "a" shape-gmail-dot-com.

anniv111701 said...

I emailed as well, but (presuming the above links are okay) it looks like the original links were each truncated by a dozen characters or so; apparently I'm off to attend "Remedial Cutting" & "Pasting: Cutting's Tricky Pal"...

Raven said...

Oakree: It's *great* that other people are pitching in documents here -- the matchbook covers and business cards are beautiful! -- but let me respond directly to your post....

All you could reasonably promise was that, upon receiving the money, you would send the source artwork off to the various vendors for manufacturing.

After that, you (like us) were not in control of the timing, and not responsible for it.

If, as in the case of the patch maker, it took several tries to get the embroidery right, what should you have done? Meet the deadline by accepting a poor job of embroidery? Oh, please, no. You did the *right* thing by holding out for the *right* look -- and if that means we wait longer, please believe we all prefer it to the alternative. But the problem wasn't at your end.

You're keeping us up to date. There's no mystery. We know what's going on. We know that when the patches and pins arrive at your door, there will be a flurry of packing and posting, and a blog update along the way. You've established a trustworthy track record already.

Oh, well. Just the fact that you're this anxious about it should be reassuring to the people who don't already know that you always deliver the goods.

Alex Kaeda said...

@ Propnomicon
Very nice. How did you work around the friction strip problem? In the past I've superglued a strip taken from a donor matchbook, but a little kludgy.

On one, I stripped the paper backing off of the friction strip, and superglued it on - on the others, I just glued it on (and those are definitely more 'kludgy'). Stripping the paper off of the friction strip was super time consuming :-\

Also - I'd like to echo Ravens words. Everything he said is dead on target. You've done your part. Theres a Star Trek episode where the blind engineer, and Mr Scott are talking, and Mr Scott says something along the lines of "tell 'em it'll take twice as long as it really will, and then you look like a miracle worker..." ;)