Thursday, September 16, 2010

Arkham Sanitarium Pharmacy Labels

Alex Kaeda kindly posted a link to these pharmacy labels he created in the discussion of new paper props for the Arkham Sanitarium project.

My sincere thanks to Mr. Kaeda.


Raven said...


If I might make a suggestion?

The Sanitarium's address -- 345 East Derby Street, Arkham, Mass. -- was given on the letterhead, and could be used on the pharmacy label.

A different phone number might be given for the pharmacy than for the Sanitarium switchboard... but if anyone does call the switchboard anyway, they can easily be transferred to the pharmacy.

Scare Sarah said...

This is such a cool subject. I await more with baited breath!

anniv111701 said...

Hi Oakree,
I'm commenting here only because it's the most recent post (and it's only generally related to distribution of paper props) -
I went to download a prop I'd missed that you'd posted on Scribd; are you aware that Scribd is selling your old props?
Looks like from the "Shadow Out Of Time" Australia Encyclopedia Article and back -
Just thought you should know they're profiting from your stuff (and thought you might want to put the old ones onto Google Docs for new people coming to Propnomicon for the first time...)
Take care,

Canada Pharmacy said...

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