Monday, September 6, 2010

Arkham Sanitarium Notebook

Here's a look at the Arkham Sanitarium notebooks. The design is patterned after traditional composition books and intentionally generic. I wanted something that could pass as belonging to a staff member or a patient, used for keeping treatment notes in the former case and as a therapeutic tool filled with artwork and insane scribblings in the latter.

The raw artwork:

A quick and dirty mockup of the finished product:

If there aren't any major objections these will be sent off for production tomorrow.


M. le Comte de Rigueur said...

Looking good!

Alex Kaeda said...

I think that's going to look really awesome

Raven said...

I like the brown shades. Calm, studious coloring. Good for staff or patients.

The other nice quality of that shading is that, in a color photo (perhaps a set piece with costumes and other props), it hints at "sepia" without actually requiring the use of a filter. Brownish clothing and backdrop would of course enhance the effect.

Anonymous said...

I only recently discovered your site while doing a search on Dennis Wheatley's "Murder off Miami". I am really impressed by the Arkham Sanitarium props you're creating. Is it too late to get a notebook?

I've added a link to your blog on my site.

Leo Dias De Los Muertos said...

I can think a thousand reasons to have those.Awesome work,as usual!