Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Arkham Sanitarium Patient Record

I had a request for a record form including space for a photo of the patient. This would be handy for those occasions when a full patient file isn't necessary, but you want something a little more immersive than a simple verbal description. The provided space is sized to accommodate a standard 2.5" by 3.5" photograph.

You can download the full PDF over here at Google Docs.

The Arkham Sanitarium project now includes 14 prop documents, and I think every major aspect of the subject has been covered. If there's anything I've missed, or something in particular you would like to see, I'm open to suggestions. There's always room for improvement, but at this point the available material is pretty comprehensive.


Raven said...

"If there's anything I've missed, or something in particular you would like to see, I'm open to suggestions. There's always room for improvement, but at this point the available material is pretty comprehensive."

Tossing ideas into the ring....

Staff Directory ? [At least as format & starting point of character list; could be modified by each Keeper to fit campaign characters.]

Introductory/Welcome brochure ?

Internal memo pads ? [Date/Time, From, To, Re]

Prescription pads ?

Does the Sanitarium fill its own prescriptions? Then: Pharmacy labels ?

A history in newspaper clippings ?

A floor plan ?

A janitorial cleaning and maintenance checklist ? [Night shift: Feed the beast in Room B-10, but *never after midnight*.]

Okay, getting a bit silly now....

alex kaeda said...

I'll second prescription pads, along with medicine labels (I'd be happy to make medicine labels - I just need to learn how to make the form-fields so prescriptions can be customized)

Propnomicon said...

@ Raven

Some excellent suggestions. I can definitely do up a prescription form. Let me do a little research on how a pharmacy order would be handled. I know private facilities in the 20's would often dispense through a selected pharmacy, but I'm not sure how the paperwork would be handled.

@ alex kaeda

Let me try and rustle up some tutorials on form fields. In my experience there was a bit of a learning curve, but once you understand the concepts (and all the little details of formatting and embedding fonts) they're surprisingly easy.

Raven said...

Given the number of patients, and the likelihood that many of them (esp. the older and wealthier) are already on non-psych prescriptions, there will be lots of pharmacy orders.

Given the tendency of psychiatric crises to happen at inconvenient hours, relying on regular businesses' open hours seem impractical

Given the size of the grounds alone, always having to go somewhere else to fill prescriptions would be time-consuming.

Given the size of the compound, keeping a small pharmacy (the size of an office) on-site seems like an feasible solution.

The actual pharmacist(s) might be employed by (or own) a pharmacy elsewhere -- then this would be the "branch office", and labels should reflect that.

Is someone on-site full-time, part-time, or just once or twice a day (and when called) long enough to fill orders? Up to you; it might vary over time. But remember those late-night psychotic breaks; on-site means less delay.

"On-site pharmacy" would of course be a "selling point", and appear in the brochure, as well as any advertising for the Sanitarium.

alex kaeda said...

just a couple ideas


Propnomicon said...

@ Alex Kaeda

You rock! I hope you don't mind if I post these. The only quibble is the spelling of "licensed" in the first one.

And don't be embarrassed about spelling errors- there were bunch in the first round of the Arkham Sanitarium documents that I should have caught, but didn't. Raven did and I was able to go back over the weekend and correct everything.

Revisions are a *good* thing.

Anonymous said...

The spelling thing is an interesting point. I know there are sometimes vast differences between British English and American spelling but some of those are more modern changes. I've read that areas of *New England* adopted/kept some of the British spellings rather than go along with the rest of the country.

I know for a while I thought "Sanitarium" was a spelling mistake. (Sanatorium)

Anonymous said...

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