Monday, September 13, 2010

Arkham Sanitarium Photographs

Today we have a black and white photograph of Arkham Sanitarium taken in the spring of 1927. This is facing east, showing us the side of the building we haven't seen in previous pictures. Just click through for the full size photos.

Standard black and white:

Spooky, grunged up version:

The two different versions are the result of a few emails over the last few months asking for "spookier" versions of prop photographs. In the past I've refrained from dirtying up photographs because I wanted a very clean, period, real-world look, but I thought this might save folks interested in that look some time.


Anonymous said...

Why you didn't choose images from the Danvers Asylum hospital (there is a referecence in some HPL novel I think) Danver views being more... horrific (but it's only an "artistic" point of view)



Anonymous said...

The x footpath is the spooky bit.

Propnomicon said...

@ Anonymous

Because Danvers Hospital exists in Lovecraft's fictional world. It's mentioned in both "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" and "Pickman's Model".

Since it was a definite influence I wanted a structure with a similar architectural style, but small enough to make sense as a private facility on the outskirts of a small city like Arkham.

anniv111701 said...

What facility did you end up using? I live in New England and would love to make an expedition to get more photos of the site you chose.

alex kaeda said...

i just set this as the background on my computer.

I think I'd give a major part of my anatomy to be able to visit Arkham Sanitarium. When I move to 1926 . . . . *nods*

Raven said...

Alex: Anyone planning to move to 1926 should definitely be allowed to visit Arkham Sanitarium, for as long as needed.... ;)

But I worry about your willingness to pay with "a major part of [your] anatomy" -- given just how often such a high price is actually paid to visit any Lovecraftian scenario!

Raven said...

So now we've seen three sides of Arkham Sanitarium: east side, south (front), and here the west side.

But left unseen is the north (back).