Thursday, September 2, 2010

Arkham Sanitarium Patient File

This is the preliminary layout for the file folders that I'm 95% sure are going to be part of the prop package. Combined with the existing Arkham Sanitarium documents they'll kick things up a notch, and it's damnably difficult to produce custom file folders on a DIY basis without access to a specialized large format laser or inkjet printer. Click through for the full-size graphics.

Here's the raw layout:

And a quick and dirty mockup:

They're pretty cool as static props, but they're also useful narrative tools. From an investigative standpoint the file's custody log can serve as a killer clue in live action or tabletop games, bringing to light inconsistencies in testimony from various characters.


Anonymous said...

The folder would be great addition to the prop package. In fact I may be interested in more than one.

Raven said...

Naturally there should be one for every patient (whether player or non-), to hold all the papers together.

I'd think any actual print shop could print the page onto the folders.

It's just a matter of cost-vs-quantity: cheaper to get one big batch printed than many small batches.

So, while dear Propnomicon has supplied the art for anyone to go get their own printed, and of course one folder can be copied endlessly likewise, perhaps Keepers with campaign uses for many copies might want to speak up here accordingly....

Anonymous said...

Did you just run that folder through your home printer?