Sunday, December 2, 2012

Vintage Battery Reproductions

One of the things I dearly love about the modern era is the popularization of niche hobbies. No matter how obscure your interest might be there's bound to be someone that shares it. Propnomicon itself is a good example.

What's even cooler is when one of those niche hobbies overlaps your own. I'm only vaguely aware of vintage radio collecting, but these vintage battery label reproductions from Radiola Guy are right up my alley. Need an absolutely authentic battery from the 1920s for a prop project? Take your pick of labels for making your own, or order a fully functional battery. He even has a step by step tutorial for making prop batteries using an off the shelf mailing tube.


CoastConFan said...

Bravo! A functioning prop battery is just brilliant. Many items were dry battery powered and having a correct looking battery compliments a good build. Many early (1890s) dry cell batteries are still with us such as the venerable D cell and many others we take for granted.. For information about the history of batteries: By the way, the history of dry cell batteries is also the history of portable electric lanterns and flashlights. Consider that many radios, telephones and lights were battery powered until all of America was electrified. The dry cell battery was a boon for safety and portability, unlike acid wet cell batteries.

Anonymous said...

These battery props would make an excellent addition to a Crookes tube apparatus straight out of the story "The Shunned House".sed