Monday, December 10, 2012

Cult of Cthulhu Dagger

Joe Broers offers up this well done artifact. The faux ivory finish is quite nice.

Dagger recovered in a police raid of a Cthulhu Cult group in the wooded swamps to the south of New Orleans in March of 1925. It has an ivory colored handle with steel blade, and is similar in materials and design to a dagger recovered from a Cultist in an raid in the same area in 1908. The sheaths of both dagger bear the same winged star cult symbol. Dagger is slightly over 12 inches long.


CoastConFan said...

That’s a pretty good sculpt. It reminds me of the hilts of the Malaysian kris (keris). I’ve always enjoyed collecting them due to the great regional variants. A quick google photo search will yield a beautiful array from the simple to the most amazingly decorated knives around. Hilts are not always wood, but sometimes of precious stone and other material. If you could turn up a kris blade without a handle, you could make a really fine Cthonian artifact. See also

Mystic Scholar said...

Well, looks like it'll get the job done!



josefk said...

CoastConFan, Since I try to make a few of these for sale I'm always looking for affordable blades. The kris blade, or in my nomenclature 'one a them curvey blades', is something I've been keeping an eye open for.

The Bathyscaphist said...

This project just came up on Kickstarter, thought you might be interested!

josefk said...

I'm hopefully there! Working on a bas-relief for the Kickstarter promotion.

Markus said...

I own also an original kris, and this are really enigmatic knifes, especially if they have blades made of damascene steel.
Depending on the shape of the blade, it can be sometimes comparably easy to make a real blade, what´s not always that much work, depending on size and shape. I also already thought about to make a cultist-knife, but my own ideas were more about a more axe-like blade like the blades used by some South-American cultures.