Sunday, December 23, 2012

Crass Commercialism

I've added an Amazon link to the "Crass Commercialism" tab over there on the right. It includes all the items from the 2012 Holiday Gift Guide, books I've recommended over the years, and some publications I've contributed to. In case there was any doubt, you'll be fueling my book addiction with the cut I receive from anything you buy via the link. It doesn't cost you anything extra and it keeps the monkey on my back happy.

On a related note, you can save piles of money by ordering used copies of the books on the list. In some cases you can score a book for less than a buck, but the $3.99 shipping and handling charge is unavoidable. That's still an incredible bargain and well worth a little cover wear.

I also wanted to announce that I'm accepting advertising.

This is going to be a limited experiment and is solely for advertisers offering Lovecraft and horror related items. Frankly, it would be silly to advertise anything else because of Propnomicon's niche audience. That said, the site's community is intensely enthusiastic about products that do fit within that narrow interest.

Artists offering short run projects will find the sponsorship package particularly attractive. You're exactly the kind of advertiser I want, because you'll benefit the most from targeted marketing. Just drop me an email via the "About Me" tab on the upper right for all the details.


Oneiros said...


I'm actually on my second attempt at ordering Personal Effects though.
The first copy turned up, with all the goodies missing. :(

Still waiting on a couple of other items to arrive from your reccomendations from Etsy and Cryptocurium.

Mystic Scholar said...

Best of luck in your endeavors, my friend.

And I will be checking out that link!

Thanks for your continued efforts on our behalves.

Sugaree said...

Echoing Eneiros, I've ordered some stuff from Etsy, and not received it (after several weeks). Nor heard anything in response to queries from the vendor.

Alex Kaeda said...

Sugaree and oneiros: are you refering to "frogman" on etsy? if so, I ordered from the same guy and he hasn't replied to me either (and it appears that his shop has been shut down on etsy).

I'm looking forward to this "crass commercialism", but I will confess to being a lil' wary. I tend to trust people who's products are featured here, and while id never hold propnomicon responsible for any problems with vendors, I do have some concerns that unscrupulous vendors may take advantage of this oppertunity.

Propnomicon said...

I'm attempting to find out what the problem might be with the missing artifacts.

Oneiros said...

Yes, it was Frogman. I ordered the cultist artifact.

From Cryptocurium, I'm waiting for some Absinth flavoured lollies. I did leave a message on the Facebook page, but got no reply. :(

Propnomicon said...

I've been in contact with Allan Harwood about the Cthulhu artifacts. He was apparently overwhelmed by the number of orders and has shut down his Etsy shop so he can catch up with them. I can't speculate as to why he hasn't been in communication with you.

I sincerely apologize for my own part in your disappointing experiences. I was really impressed by the quality and price of the artifact. My fault was in assuming he had the pieces in hand and ready to go.

Avoiding this kind of situation is one of the reasons I'm so anal about my own projects. I prefer having merchandise in my possession and ready for mailing before taking orders. In the case of the Kickstarter projects I make sure everything is ready for manufacture before I start soliciting pledges, and then keep everyone appraised of the project's progress. Bumps in the road are inevitable, but complications can be avoided if you make alternate plans ahead of time.

I have the feeling that Allan was genuinely caught off guard by how popular his work would be. That said, regular communication would go a long way to alleviating his customer's concerns. Please keep me aware of any further developments. I'm willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt, but if the issues aren't resolved I'll do what I can to make sure it doesn't happen again.