Friday, June 26, 2009


My prop pilot's license is a small part of artist Lisa Snellings latest project. Calling her work Burton-esque or Gaiman-ish isn't really adequate, but it gets you in the ballpark.

"I did finally get "Amelia's Skies" finished. It's been sitting for weeks, so very nearly done. Getting her finished and photographed feels good. She's the first of a new series of Poppet sculptures honoring humans Poppets love. We made these really cool hand painted boxes for her ---good enough to keep---with a replica of Amelia Earhart's pilot's license inside the lid, acquired from the excellently cool Propnomicon. Very worth checking out."

Stop by and check out the rest of her work. I think you'll find a lot to admire, both technically and artistically.

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