Thursday, June 25, 2009

Forging Ahead

I just started reading Eric Hebborn's "The Art Forgers Handbook" and it's already proving to be an incredibly detailed manual for realistic paper and artwork weathering techniques. I have a small library of books on contemporary document forgery, faking ID's and such, because so much of that material is useful in the creation of prop documents. So far, this book blows everything else on my bookshelf away.

Wikipedia has more about Hebborn's amazing "career"...and mysterious death.


Mik said...

Thanks for the heads up I ordered a copy of this from Amazon, any other suggestions for good books on prop and prop document making?

Propnomicon said...

You're going to absolutely love the book. The author was not only a master forger, but a true fan of the artists he imitated.

There aren't really all that many truly great books on propmaking, particularly the close-up style of props used by gamers. I'd suggest "The Propmaker's Handbook" just because it covers so many different techniques.

Mik said...

Got the book today and from a quick peruse it is certainly a welcome addition to the library and looks awesome.

Thanks for the heads up and the other suggestion.

The Project said...

I would be fascinated to know what the other similar books you mention having on your bookcase actually are?