Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vintage Mugshots

A kind reader emailed over a link to these evocative portraits of Australian criminals in the 1920s. The entire collection is a goldmine for anyone in need of character portraits, particularly ones with a touch of madness.


bob_d said...

Oh, for the days when we had well dressed criminals!

Darin said...

I have come across these before, and they are fascinating. Follow the link on La boite verte to access the photos with descriptions.
This one is "Mug shot of 'Silent Tom' Richards and T Ross, alias Walton, 12 April 1920, presumably Central Police Station, Sydney."
There are some rather gruesome crime scene photos as well.

drjon said...

By strange twist, I was reading an article about this exhibition, this very afternoon.

Deserter said...

Very cool! They look perfect for some roleplaying :) Amazingly well dressed!