Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Chem of the Golem of Prague

The talented Julian DiMarco has relaunched his Able Workshop website with a beautiful recreation of the Chem of the Golem of Prague.

"Traditionally, the Golem is given life by writing a portion of one of the true names of God on piece of paper, and placing the slip into it’s mouth. This becomes it’s CHEM, the instructions and laws that it must obey. This then in the CHEM of the Golem of prague."

Tomorrow I'll have a few more recreations of religious artifacts from the surprisingly vibrant selection available to Mormons.


Surreality said...

His work (and his blog) seems very interesting. Thanks for spreading the word!

CoastConFan said...

A fine piece of work. I wonder if it was intention to make the chem look like a ship's binnacle which would house a compass.

Also the concept of a kind of ROM operating instruction, which I guess it is.

I wonder if Issac Asimov had this in mind when he wrote the Laws of Robotics.