Friday, January 14, 2011

Lovecraftian Labels

The Red Crown Emporia is a legendary boutique vendor noted as much for it's mysterious management as for it's unusual selection of goods. Lee Barber was kind enough to send over a recreation of their period labels, along with some letterhead samples from the infamous Thule Society. You can find the high resolution PDF over here. The labels use some of the wonderful fonts available from the HPLHS.

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Anonymous said...

those are looking beautiful. :)

i do see one place for a tiny tiny bit of improvement, though: the top label mentions an "ibn-ghazi" - gh is commonly the transcription for a guttural, gargling "r"-sound (whereas the glyph 'r' represents "r" the rammstein way) - and there is a rather well-known persian scholar by the name of al-razi who did some work on medicine plus being involved in a lot of other sciences, as was rater usual with the medieval arab scholars: chemistry/alchemy, philosophy, etectera...
some miracolous powder bearing his name would not be that unplausible at all.