Monday, January 24, 2011

The Great God Pan

Dave Carson is one of the most prolific Lovecraftian illustrators, but he's also an accomplished sculptor. This fragment of the "Great God Pan" manages to pay homage to Arthur Machen while evoking the sculpture of Clark Ashton Smith.


Surreality said...

I may not be thrilled by this one but I would sure like to see more Arthur Machen items out there.
He is was a true genius and it's a shame that not many people know about his work.
I'm glad you keep an eye on Machen-inspired stuff.

Shane Mangus said...

I love Carson's work, no matter what medium he chooses!

Phil said...

I love the pieces on his DeviantArts page, but I have to agree with these guys on this one.

Wish he'd shot it from different angles, because Cthuhlu help me, all I can see is the face of an old Ultraman monster lying on its side.