Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mormon Props

A reader was kind enough to bring the intriguing realm of professional propmaking for members of the Church of Latter Day Saints, more commonly known as the Mormons, to my attention. The firm of Maskery and Lund produces a variety of items based on the rather unique LDS historical doctrine, including this wonderful brass recreation of the Liahona, a religious artifact with some interesting similarities to a spirit compass. Given the relative obscurity of the Liahona outside of the church I can see this being adapted as a stand-in for a variety of occult items.

You'll find some other interesting items at the Maskery and Lund website that would be equally useful. I generally shy away from using religious paraphenalia as props, but since these are sold as historical reproductions my normal unease is assuaged.

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JR said...

Very nice! Although I'm not a Mormon, I took a few classes at one of their "Institutes of Religion" that was near my college since I was studying comparative religions. As the lone "gentile" in a room of Mormon college students, I sparked a few interesting conversations, but most of them were there because it was expected of them, not because they wanted to be there.

This memory is sparked because I took part in the "Design a Liahona" contest the teacher (professor?) sponsored. I was the winner, but it was a hollow victory... none of the other students entered.

My Liahona looked nothing like the one pictured here, by the way...