Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Miskatonic Project Update

Things are rolling along with an almost scary smoothness. The payment from Kickstarter and Amazon has cleared, the notebooks and patch are already in production, and the lapel pin and postcards should go into production this week. The only bump in the road has been me, and this damnable flu.

Here's the layout for the Miskatonic Pennant. With the exception of the red background this is a snapshot of the actual template that will be used for production.


Fringe Doktor said...

YAY! Looks GREAT! Glad you found a way to space the logo evenly. REALLY looking forward to hanging this in our theater for all to see / ponder. With the postcards and photos, we will make believers out of the ignorant!

Alex Kaeda said...

So, would a Miskatonic Uni baseball cap be

A) White with a red bill and red M
B) all white with a red M
C) all red with a white M
D) other

Go Blue! said...

Please forgive my very ignorant question, but are the Miskatonic University colors identified in the writings, or did you have to select them through some other process?

Propnomicon said...

@ Alex Kaeda

I'd go with all red and a white M.

@ Go Blue!

The Miskatonic school colors are never specified in any of Lovecraft's works. I chose red and white based on Brown University's use of red, white, and brown as their official school colors. Since Brown served as the direct inspiration for Miskatonic it seemed appropriate to steal the red and white of their scheme while leaving them the namesake brown.

badger said...

I always thought that the school colours were purple and white, myself.