Sunday, February 14, 2010

Zeppelin Goldmine

Kurt Hockenbury sent over a note pointing out this fantastic period resource on Zeppelins- "Zeppelin: the Story of a Great Achievement". The public domain book is filled with information and pictures that would be invaluable for anyone running a pulp-style adventure or event. Some absolutely massive scans of airship deckplans from the book are also available on Flickr, courtesy of "Fings":

You'll find the full-sized version of this deckplan over here.

And this one can be found here.


fings said...

You can get high-res scan images from Internet Archive, by picking "read online" and zooming the page to 100%.

Wirelizard said...

Oh, awesome find.

I think my plan to build a zepp cabin for 28mm skirmish gaming just got going again!