Thursday, February 4, 2010

Miskatonic Ink

The very talented sculptor Leonardo Dias has taken his dedication to Miskatonic University to new heights.

Hello buddy, remember some time ago I mentioned a plan to have your Miskatonic seal tattooed? Well,there ya go. I only used the centerpiece,not the words. I hope you understand I adapted the sun rays to an old illustration style that fits well with my pre-existent tattoos. Really thanks man, I'm really proud of carrying this with me forever! He he.

The tat-style Miskatonic seal after inking:

The Miskatonic Class of 2010 flashin' the horns:

How cool is that? It's not often you get to see your artwork on human flesh. Heh.

As an aside, I'm continually amazed at how broad Lovecraft fandom is, both in terms of geography and lifestyle. One of the real pleasures of this blog has been the sheer variety of people I've had an opportunity to come in contact with, from scholarly researchers that wouldn't be out of place in one of Lovecraft's stories to hardcore bikers and punks. I've discussed the flight characteristics of Dornier Wal amphibious planes with a vice cop overseeing brothels in Amsterdam, received invaluable help finding out when spiral binding was invented from a French librarian, and swapped emails with a survivor of the absolutely insane New York occult and fringe scene of the 70's.

It's a funny ol' world.

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