Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Miskatonic University Hazard Labels

Raven sent over this collection of hazard labels for specimens in the special collections section at Miskatonic University. Here's how they look along with his earlier specimen labels.

The tags can be trimmed out as-is for rectangular labels, or you can use a circular punch and grommet for string-tied warnings attached to the bottle neck. You can download the PDF from Google Docs over here.


Mik said...

Those are great, working in a lab maybe I should make up some specimen bottles and jars with these labels and secrete them on shelves throughout the building!

Anonymous said...

Give a moment's thought to seriously using the "Poison" labels on craft-room potions like iron buff. You prepared that in a vinegar bottle, right? You don't want anyone to use it for cooking hot-and-sour soup, right?

One could just trim down the sides of the "Do not allow fresh blood anywhere near this specimen" label until it fits over the MU logo on the tag, then carry around the tag until one sees an unwatched child's toy / houseplant / decorative statuette, and quickly scribble on the label "Qalxin decoy" / "Carnivora devoratoris" / "Cult idol of Keshtuur", and attach it with string, and quietly walk away....

In fact, strictly speaking some of those labels don't really need props!

Put a specimen label like, oh, "Deep One Embryo" (or words describing one) on a big bottle, add "Handle With Extreme Caution" and "If this bottle is found empty, immediately alert Campus Provost to a Wilbur Event." Then do not leave it empty, of course! Leave it with a thin coating of green goo on the inside, and a puddle of the same on the side of the cylinder against the floor... some more going out the neck along the floor... some on the bottle cap lying on the floor... and some going all the way down to the nearest ventilation shaft, whose grille has been crudely pried open -- more goo there, and along inside the shaft as far as the eye can see. No prop, aside from the bottle and the goo. No "Campus Provost" to call. And if anyone wants to call police, let them think of a way to explain possession of a University's "Special Collections" bottle.

Now that suggestion is made solely in humor, not seriously, of course.

Because after that, any sort of scratching noise from the ventilation system would really mess with people's minds....


Unknown said...

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