Saturday, February 13, 2010

Patent Mythos Medicines, And More!

Raven generously sent over this collection of labels and specimen tags. They're based on some that I posted before, but he's taken them to a whole new level with a full color treatment and some very well researched touches I think you'll enjoy.

First off, the colorized version of the Whately's Vitalizer label.

Here we have the front label for a bottle of "Powder of Ibn Ghazi", an alchemical preparation used to reveal the invisible.

And the back label for same, with some wonderful flavor copy.

Next, a sheet of Miskatonic University specimen labels in .jpg form. After seeing these I'm rethinking my policy of doing everything in black and white. Just click through for the full sized version.

Last, but not least, a densepacked set of the labels in PDF form. The tight spacing means less waste if you choose to print them out on sticker paper. You can download the file from Google Docs over here.

My sincere thanks to Raven for his work and generosity in sharing these. They're free to use under the standard Creative Commons license linked to the right and at the bottom of the page.

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