Friday, July 10, 2009

Sweet Fancy Moses

I've just had one of the most bizarre experiences of my life.

Up until a few minutes ago the post directly before this one was entitled "Tentacle ****", with the asterisks standing in for a common four letter word (that starts with a "p" and rhymes with "corn") used to describe sexual entertainment. I have nothing against **** in general, but my use of the phrase "Tentacle ****" was just a little joke. Perhaps not the cleverest of witticisms, but I found it amusing.

Except search engines aren't very good at recognizing jokes. They take everything literally. So if someone ends up searching for a particular combination of words, say along the lines of "tentacle" and "****" and "pictures" and such, they might end up getting linked to a site that actually has very little to do with those terms. Like this one.

Which leads me to one "Tentacle ****" fan who thought I was a fellow-traveler on that particular car of the Fetish Express. And that when I said my prop tentacles were for "jazzing up some photos"....well, lets just say he misunderstood my meaning. Broadly speaking, yes, it can probably be said that I sell photos of models with tentacles, but certainly not in the sense he meant. Besides, if you're going to do *that* with a tentacle you probably want one made out of silicone, not latex.

I'm tagging this one under "Physical Props". Just not quite, you know, that physical.


Tom Banwell said...

You got me laughin! I never in my wildest dreams thought someone would search "tentacle" and "p***" together. What a world we live in!

Christopher B said...


JonDecker said...

I had a conversation with my girlfriend yesterday about just this subject. Odd, I know, a bit of a one-up-man-ship of grossness, but she didn't believe me when I said this existed. Yup, gross.

Artsnark said...

oh man, it is a strange word out there