Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Necronomicon: Sullivan Edition

I've said before that Tom Sullivan is probably the most influential Mythos artist in history thanks to his work creating the "Evil Dead" Necronomicon. Artwork based on his designs has been floating around the net for a few years, but I think this outtake from the movie is the first time every one of his pages has been on display .


Tim Shrum said...

That is awesome! Thanks for sharing that find. I've seen two versions of the Necronomicon from Evil Dead 1 and 2 and what amazed me more is how small they were when seen up close. I have a few pics of it somewhere. I might have to scan them and post them up sometime soon.

Cal Godot said...

With those botanical drawings, that looks like a page from the Voynich Mansucript.