Friday, July 3, 2009

Cthulhu Model Kits From The 60's

Artist Pete Von Sholly has a post up on his blog about a 60's Aurora-style Cthulhu model kit that almost made it into production.

"So, after THE THING (SPACE THING as they called it) kit from Dark Horse we were going to make this Cthulhu kit, which my wife Andrea sculpted. Molds and plans were made etc and then it was decided it was too expensive, wouldn't sell etc etc and was dropped and never spoken of again."

This is one of the few cases where I like a cheesy depiction of Cthulhu. That crazy, Godzilla influenced kaiju look is perfect for a product trying to capture the goofy insanity of the classic Aurora model kits. Click through on the link to read more about his experience and see a few more shots of the proposed packaging. If you think that rocks, check out the entire line-up of faux Mythos Model boxes at Morbid Monster, including these nifty examples:


Doc Atomic said...

I'm not much of a model maker, but when one catches my eye, I launch into it with all my energy. Those would definitely be purchased, painted, built, and placed on a shelf for all to admire within 24 hours. I tend to get a little manic about stuff, sometimes...

Oh well. Perhaps in some alternate universe.

Propnomicon said...

You might not have to wait as long as you think. I think the development of desktop fab units is going to cause an even bigger revolution in the garage kit business than cheap resin did.

Just imagine the possibilities, not only for limited run models, but for things like your beloved tin robots.

Artsnark said...

great finds - very very cool