Monday, July 27, 2009

San Diego Comic Con Props

The 2009 San Diego Comic Con, which has turned into more of a movie and television promotional event over the years, wrapped up on Sunday. If you didn't attend you can still see the sights, in particular the plethora of movie props on display, thanks to the massive library of photographs
posted by The Motion Picture Prop Company on Facebook . The sheer variety of props is enough to geek out for hours, but for our purposes there are only a few occult-related items on display:

This is a selection of objects from the upcoming film "Legion", which looks like a variation on the awesome B-movie "The Prophecy" that starred Christopher Walken. The angelic armor and knife look nice, but there's something familiar about that "exploding sphere" weapon....

It's a thermal detonator, just like the one in used by the disguised Princess Leia in "Return of the Jedi". Heh.

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Mik said...

A "holy hand grenade" cool.