Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lucian the Seeker: The Props

"Lucian the Seeker" is an ongoing webnovel written by Thorsten Becker, but it's also much more than that. As part of his worldbuilding efforts he's assembled a collection of props that truly boggle the mind.

This is the kind of project that seems tailor-made for my interests. The mix of antique and custom items is both logical and consistent.

How well thought out? Every single one of these items has a specific purpose. They're all described in detail, both in terms of their fictional use and real-world origins, over here .

These props produce the kind of immersiveness and sensory engagement that I want to produce with my own work. Places like the Disney theme parks, Universal Studios, and Vegas hotels are masters of the "objects as story" approach at the macro-scale. They've taken theming and the artful use of the environmental tableaux to whole new levels, helping to make the simple act of waiting in line an entertainment experience in itself. Trying to reproduce that experience at the micro-scale, with each individual item helping to tell a story and the collection as a whole magnifying the effect, is something every "Call of Cthulhu" game should embrace.

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Mik said...

Pretty sweet, I like the idea of all the items tied in with the story. When I ever get around to a vampire killing kit I have an idea of some sort of accompanying journal with all sorts of inserts and stuff.

Just have to figure out the time to get on with my projects list.