Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Mythos Works Of Andrea Bonazzi

I only just found out that a single artist is responsible for a number of Mythos works, ranging from photoshopped pictures to carved stone tablets, that I've been intrigued by for years. That artist is Andrea Bonazzi, and his website is filled with some of the finest examples of Lovecraftian art to be found anywhere.

I have a fondness for faux occult tablets like this, but there's much, much more at his website.

Update: The talented Mr. Bonazzi is most assuredly a he, contrary to my earlier assumption.


Anonymous said...

Maybe an "he", I know in Italy Andrea is a male name.

Shane Mangus said...

Andrea is a very talented artist. I have been following his work for years now. The screensaver I have on this laptop cycles through a gallery of pictures from his Montage series.

affliction said...

This is the "pipe carver" artist! I'd seen those before and thought them to be appropriate outlets for Mythos-affected people. Thanks for sharing!