Friday, October 28, 2011

Whately's Patent Cures Match Books

Chris Huning sent over these nifty little prop matchbooks. You'll find the high resolution JPG here, and the PDF over here.

"Spent a while riffing on Raven's "Dr Whately's Energy Elixer" label and created some advertising matchbooks for the Elixer and a couple other Whately's products and figured I share :) I also used Alex Kaeda's Arkham Sanitarium matchbook pdf as my template."


Alex Kaeda said...


I can totally see relabeling some Bawls energy drink as "Dr Whatelys Energy Elixer" (because of the glass bottle), and putting them in the General Store, or the Cafe at a LARP event. Then having these around 'town' to advertise - maybe with a clue to something hidden in one of the match books.

Very nice. Very very nice.

CoastConFan said...

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