Monday, October 31, 2011

Baron Samedi

Michael Locascio brings us this interesting depiction of Baron Samedi. He's creeped me out ever since I saw "Live and Let Die" when I was younger. Even learning some of the symbolism behind him hasn't been enough to shake that unease.


CoastConFan said...

Baron Samendi is a powerful figure in Vodou. I associate him Papa Doc (Francois Duvalier) the dictator of Haiti who impersonated the Baron to instill fear in the islanders. That and the Tonton Macoute ensured his iron grip. Vodou is very active in central and South America, generally running under the guise of Catholic saints. In some places the veneer is very thin indeed. Imagine running a CoC game under such a situation.

Robert Olmstead said...

So good "souvenirs" of Live & Let Die; I was frightened too by Baron Samedi and secretly in love of... Jane Seymour!!!! ;0)

Phil said...

I wasn't familiar with the background of the character and image. Very cool. I'll have to do some reading.

Robert - Crush on Jane Seymour? Hell who didn't? <3