Monday, October 17, 2011

The Star Stone

Offero Jones brings us a star-stone from lost G'harne in a very nice presentation box.

"Star shaped carving of undetermined mineral. Recovered from the body of an unidentified dead European by local tribesmen in the African rain forest. Purchased by a local white farmer, Karl Mollers, it was eventually sold into the private collection of Charles Marshall of San Francisco, California. Given the estimate time of its recovery and the known expeditions in the region, it is conjectured that the body was that of a member of the ill-fated Wendy-Smith expedition in search of the lost city of G’harne. The carving closely resembles descriptions of the “Elder Sign” and the “Star-stones of Mnar” that are purported to have protective qualities against certain ‘evil’ deities/spirits/demons. The carving is currently on display at the Marshall Foundation Library in San Francisco."

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