Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Book of the Spirits

JRR Bookworks crafted this luxurious tome. The hand tooled leather binding is a perfect complement to the contents, the classic occult text "A True and Faithful Relation of What Passed For Many Years Between Some Spirits and Dr. John Dee".


Phil said...

Ah now this is my idea of a proper mystic tome. None of this 'bound in humans skin complete with eyes and teeth stuff'.

No offense to those who like that style, but to me its been a bit overdone.

Propnomicon said...

@ Phil

I think we're on the same wavelength aesthetically. It worked for "The Evil Dead" because the film was intentionally over the top. Outside of that, unless someone with *great* sculpting skills is doing it the effect tends to look goofy.

CoastConFan said...

That’s one great piece of retro binding. It’s a good compromise between traditionalism and a modern restoration. I just wish you had shown us those marbleized end sheets you tantalized and teased us. I would also like to thank you for the in-depth walk-through of your binding techniques and the important details of making decisions of durability vs authentic restoration in your JRR Bookworks aticle. Your work is “true and faithful” to steal a book title as a description.

For those of you who crave an electronic copy of the Dr. Dee biography cited in JRR Bookworks article, you can download a free copy from the Internet Archive in a variety of formats from PDF, Kindle, EBUB & etc:


Anonymous said...

I agree completely. LOVE this tome! I wish I knew how to make stuff like this!

Anonymous said...

Thank you all for the kind words. I have a stack of occult books from my library that will all get similar new bindings. I will certainly be adding on my brass fittings on future tomes. I do like fan creations and prop books- in fact I hope to creep a tiny way in that direction in the future. Still, I strive to make correct bindings from a technical, craftsman, archival, and artistic perspective. The last is subjective but I still strive. i will have to look for pictures of the marbled end sheets. If i find them I will put them on my site. I hope I will be so honored to have future binding splayed for the eyes of your eldritch community.