Friday, October 21, 2011


Don Simpson brings us this beautiful carved wooden piece.

I always feel a little guilty posting a genuine work of art because the creator might think I'm cheapening it by treating it as a prop item. My intent is just the opposite. An object like this seems genuinely alien and not of this earth, something even the best Lovecraftian props achieve with great difficulty. Clark Ashton Smith's sculptures are a good example of works that combine beauty with the otherworldly, serving equally well as artifacts and objets d′art.


aSpiralStepper said...

Yay! Another Don Simspon feature. I love his stuff. He's something of a literal wizard :p

Phil said...

I'm sure I won't be the only one who says this, but some of us consider many of the things you show here to be works of art.
To me, anything thats created for no other purpose than to be asthetically pleasing, or mentally challenging qualifies as art.

I do agree though. Those pieces are amazing.

Naamah said...

Don Simpson won't mind. He's a real cool dude.

I love this piece. Completely creepy and unearthly and beautiful.