Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Necronomicon, Milliput Mog Edition

An interesting take on the Necronomicon from "Milliput Mog". It seems to be a prop for a British television production. Anyone have an idea what show it was used on?


CoastConFan said...

That’s a nice, fresh take on a grimorie. The naturalistic elements almost put this into the Aesthetic Movement or Arts and Crafts criteria of the late 1880s. The leaf-like or fin corner protectors are especially good and the squamous, shagreen cover material has a texture that works very well. The finishing touch, the eye/mouth/unspeakable opening centerpiece with restraining straps really sets this piece apart as highly imaginative. This is the kind of stuff I love to encounter on Propnomicon’s site.

Milliput Mog said...

Hi, I made this back in the mid-90s for a VERY low budget production called "Archangel Thunderbird."
The main body of the book was formed around an old stamp-collecting book with added feature pages. The corners were cast in resin & brass powder & the "unspeakable opening" was based on lamprey mouths...! As I was never paid for the project, I still have it on my bookshelf!
- S. "Mog" Aplin