Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Miskatonic University Update

Today is the final day of the Miskatonic University project pledge drive on Kickstarter.

As you can see over there on the right it's been wildly successful, significantly exceeding the original fund raising target. By the time things end tonight at 11:30 I expect there will be over 100 donors. That marks an increase of over fifty percent from the sponsorship levels of the Arkham Sanitarium project.

The actual transfer of funds from Kickstarter to Amazon and then to me can take up to two weeks, but on Monday I'm going to start placing orders for some of the prop items. Ideally, that will avoid some of the delays encountered in the Arkham project. It also means I need an accurate count of how many items to order as soon as possible. If you aren't able to pledge through Kickstarter for whatever reason, but still want to participate, just click on the "View my complete profile" link to reach me via email.

Again, my sincere thanks to everyone that has already pledged.

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