Monday, December 13, 2010

Miskatonic University Prop Project

The Miskatonic University Prop Project is now live on Kickstarter. The package is almost identical to the Arkham Sanitarium package: an embroidered patch suitable for a bookbag or jacket, a full color cloisonne lapel pin, two vintage-style postcards, and a set of three field notebooks. The biggest difference between the two projects is that this one includes three of the journals instead of just one.

The pledge reward amount is still $25 (although I do ask for $28 from international donors to cover the increased postage) but the overall project goal has been raised to $1700. The extra $400 is to cover the printing costs for the additional notebooks as well as the increased postage charges. If I'm very lucky and the amount raised hits $2100 there's one item I definitely want to add to the package- a 12" by 30" Miskatonic felt pennant.

The planned schedule for the project is as follows:

12/13-12/29 Pledge Drive

12/30-1/13 Payment clearance through Amazon

1/14-2/28 Production

I expect that production won't take that long, but I'm not taking any chances with low balling the time after the Arkham Sanitarium experience. Better to be pleasantly surprised that things are done early than disappointed when they're running late.


bneist2 said...

I'm very keen on this package but I can't seem to get a kickstarter account, is there a way I can just pay through paypal etc?

Robbert Folmer said...

The people of the Netherlands don't have credit cards!
Is there any way this can be taken care of through PayPal, or wire, or dollars in an envelope?
Pretty please?

Propnomicon said...

If the Kickstarter project is funded alternate payment arrangements will be available.