Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Into the Void

I've received a couple of emails about "Secret Master" packages destined for Europe not arriving. I normally give any package crossing the Atlantic two weeks to arrive, but it appears there may be a delay because of the holiday rush. If your parcel hasn't appeared by this weekend just drop me a line.

Although shipping time is obviously out of my control I take customer satisfaction extremely seriously. Any packages that go wandering into the void will be replaced at no charge, and I apologize for the difficulties.


Anonymous said...

Hi Oakree we were (and partially are) also under snow and a lot of airports were closed or slowing down through Europe expecially in the Southern countries not used to "ice and snow logistic"

This can explain the delays


Tóbal said...

Maybe the tower operators strike that closed ALL air traffic over Spain some days ago had interfered with normal delivering overseas...
Thanks to our unoperating ministers and unresponsability of tower operators Spain is again giving a "banana republic image"