Monday, December 27, 2010

The Curious Case of Ernst Blomberg

If you're at all interested in vampire killing kits you need to set aside an hour or two and pay a visit to Spookyland's comprehensive coverage. There's a fascinating amount of history and tradition attached to their manufacture, epitomized by the seemingly deathless Ernst Blomberg's ability to crank them out for well over a century...and counting. Some say Herr Blomberg's longevity is ample evidence that the kits are entertaining frauds, but I prefer to think his name is part of the ritual that makes the kits effective.

And, like so many stars of the silver screen, even if they're fake, they're still gorgeous.

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CoastConFan said...

I followed the link to the Regarding Ernst Blomberg page and was pleasantly surprised at the depth and scholasticism of the article. It’s a nice overview of vampire kits.
One error I spotted with the Blomberg instruction text was about using paper to hold the bullet in the gun whilst “shooting down”. It’s not novel to do so, especially with a military sized firearm using premade paper cartridges. After the cartridge is emptied into the gun, the paper is generally rammed down onto the charge as a matter of course to hold the undersized projectile firm against the powder. Only someone unfamiliar with muzzle loading firearms would make such an error.
I might see other inconsistencies if I were to have clearer photos or direct access. But yes, they are lovely eye-candy, I’ll admit. Thanks for bringing the site to my attention.