Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Fungi From Yuggoth

This is what Halloween should be like.

Mark Jones was kind enough to send over some pictures and background material from the Lovecraftian presentation he created for his Halloween get together. It not only featured a Mi-Go brain cylinder, but an entire swarm of the Fungi flying overhead.

I host a big Halloween party every year, and in the last few, there has been a more theatrical presentation in addition to the decorations I usually do. This year, it was based around the Migo and the Brain Cylinder...

The Migo were painted flat black, with UV paint on them to give an interesting look to them. They were lit by 4'foot black lights, three units, set on the roof of the porch. The 3 migo were suspended like marionette puppets from long pole by my minions.

You'll find the narration and presentation notes for "An Investigation Concerning A Brass Cylinder" over here on Google Docs. Here are a few snapshots of the airborne Mi-Go under blacklight illumination:

Tomorrow I'll have some pictures of the marionettes under construction along with the very clever techniques used to bring them to life. My sincere thanks to Mr. Jones for sharing his work.

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