Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Miskatonic Nightmare

In my study I have a beautiful old travel trunk. I found it at the side of the road on junk night almost 20 years ago, brought it home, and spent close to a month painstakingly restoring it. The rotting leather that covered the exterior was replaced with hand-oiled cowhide, the interior was relined with imported coconut-fiber paper, and all the hardware was lovingly stripped, polished, and reattached.

It's where I keep my treasures.

Inside I have all kinds of oddments, including 100 Miskatonic University embroidered patches, 250 custom printed Miskatonic University notebooks, 200 Miskatonic University postcards....and a big honkin' empty space where my 100 ANTIQUE BRASS MISKATONIC UNIVERSITY LAPEL PINS SHOULD BE SITTING!!!!1111!!!!!

And all that other wonderful stuff just sits there as I wait, and wait, and wait for the lapel pins that should have been here a week ago. All I can do is apologize for the delay.


Doc Atomic said...

All the Miskatonic stuff sounds lovely, of course... but I'd like to see a photo of this trunk!

No worries about the delay, good things come to those who wait...

ackooser said...

No worries - I think we all know the end result will be worth it. I was just eying my jackets in the closet to decide where to put the latest patch. I'm super excited about the notebooks - I use notebooks constantly. I'm sure I'll need to order extras.

Propnomicon said...

It's just so damn frustrating having to wait for the one final thing that completes the set when everything else is done and ready to go.

Yes, I do happen to measure my self-worth by the successful completion of my hobby projects. Why do you ask? Heh.