Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Man With A Thousand Young

Bob Burns is a legend.

For decades he's been an unofficial historian of science fiction and horror film making, amassing a collection of props, models, costumes, and memorabilia from some of the greatest, and not so great, genre efforts. He's been a huge influence on multiple generations of both fans and professionals, selflessly giving of his time and talent to both preserve and nurture their efforts. Like the late Forry Ackerman, he's opened his home to thousands (if not tens of thousands) of fans to share his treasures, but his influence extends far beyond those lucky enough to visit.

Part of my own interest in props can be traced back to a series of articles on Mr. Burns that ran in "Starlog" magazine back in the 70's and 80's. Seeing pictures of his ornate Halloween shows inspired my own efforts, helping to launch a love of fantastic items that ultimately led to a lifetime hobby and the creation of this blog.

Some of the thousands of folks he's entertained and educated have created a website devoted to those incredible Halloween spectacles called, appropriately enough, BOB BURNS' HOLLYWOOD HALLOWEEN . You'll find a ton of information about his efforts, but the real treat is the documentary recapping the haunt's development and increasingly ornate staging over the years. It's very well done, and a new segment is released each week leading up to Halloween. It's a fitting tribute to a great man.

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