Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It Was The Best Of Times, It Was The Worst Of Times

It's been quite the day.

First off, everything is in the mail. All 89 packages, including the 37 traveling internationally. Given my rural location that was considerably more volume than the nice folks at my Post Office normally get from their patrons, but they soldiered on without complaint. Things went surprisingly smoothly, despite the Innsmouth-like, bug-eyed look of shock on the clerk's face when I plopped my boxes o' mail on the counter. When we finally finished, and I paid the first triple digit postage bill I've ever run up in my life, the clerk politely pointed out that I should probably look into getting my postage printed online, and then made sure I took a couple of butterscotch candies on my way out.

I'm definitely going to follow up on his online postage suggestion. Particularly since there was a typically pleasant, but firm, "Or else" edge to it.

My postal adventure, and yesterday's rather abrupt "Sold Out" message, are the result of the huge spike in traffic I enjoyed yesterday. First Make did a post about the "From the Mountains of Madness" project. Then io9 picked it up, and the floodgates really opened. Then it got Twittered and blurbed at a number of sites, including the one that still has me smiling- Jerry Pournelle's Chaos Manor blog.

Jerry Pournelle linked to my blog. That's just insanely cool in my book, 'cause I'm an ol' skool geek. Shout out to the tribe, and all that.

So I've had my 15 minutes of internet fame. I'm certainly not complaining about all the new visitors, but things should be back to normal after today. I'll have some of the leftover notebooks available tomorrow. Better than that, I've already reordered everything for next month.


Melissa said...

Will you take pre-orders for the next round of kits? I had really hoped to get one for my boyfriend for Christmas, but they were gone by the time I saw your update.

Propnomicon said...

@ Melissa

I can't do pre-orders, unfortunatley, but if you drop me an email I might be able to help.

Doc Atomic said...

Congrats on the successful run!

K0dama said...

Congrats! Your work is great and deserves the attention.

Anonymous said...

Just had to say, finally got my kit in the mail, and wow! Even better to hold it in hand! Even wore the lapel pin on my suit to work that day. Just really and truly awesome. Great work!

PontifexPrimus said...

Just got my kit this morning, and it's a real beauty, I love every bit! Great work, and congratulations on this success.