Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bioshock LARP

Okay, it's not quite a full-blown LARP, at least not yet, but the marketing for the next Bioshock game has already embraced full-sized sets and props. Now they've taken everything one step further .

"Today, certain people - we're trying to figure out why - were delivered telegrams by an old-school bicycle messenger. The cable comes from "Mark G Meltzer," the loner searching for "something in the sea," on BioShock 2's hype Web site."

Sweet Jebus, I love stuff like this.

Like a lot of adult gamers with families I rarely have the time for a tabletop game, much less a LARP, but I've always wanted to try playing a game by mail. My basic idea was to have a team of players cooperate in solving a mystery by directing the activities of an "agent", for want of a better word, that only communicated with them via the post. As they steered his efforts from afar they'd receive a steady stream of packages containing documents and items gathered in his travels, all presented as period parcels from the exotic locations he'd traveled to.

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