Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's A Mythos Miracle!

4:30 PM, Friday afternoon- I receive an email from FedEx that my lapel pins have been scheduled for pickup.

12:05 PM, Saturday afternoon- I arrive home from the Farmer's Market to discover the package filled with Miskatonic goodness on my doorstep. I didn't think they would be here till Tuesday, but it turns out FedEx delivers on Saturday.

I need a little time to take some photographs of the goods, but the ordering page will be up tomorrow. Initially I'm just going to take orders for the complete set (Miskatonic patch, lapel pin, Orne library postcard, and your choice of one of the three pocket notebooks), but once those orders are satisfied I'll have anything left over available individually.

Despite the delay things actually worked out well. Because Monday is a national holiday I'll have time to get everything packaged up and in the mail first thing Tuesday morning.


drjon said...

I am moving at the end of this coming week, but there's some uncertainty about exactly where I'm going (HAIL ERIS!).

If I order and pay for a set, would you be able to hang on to them until I've got an actual mailing address sorted?

(oh, and YAY!)

Doc Atomic said...

Excellent news! Looking forward to placing my order. (Seriously -- even placing an order is fun for me. Receiving that order in the mail is icing on the cake. Yes, I need help.)

affliction said...

Bring it.

Propnomicon said...

@ drjon

No problem at all for a fellow man of the cloth.

@ Doc Atomic

Someone didn't make their Sanity roll. Heh.

@ affliction

You want summa dis? Okay, you got it. Word.