Saturday, January 3, 2015

Yautja Gotta Have Heart

Jason McKittrick has been branching out from Cryptocurium's Mythos focus with a number of projects.  The latest is a very cool set of Predator magnets.  The sculpts have some beautiful detail and texture work.  If your New Year's resolution includes fewer trips to the refrigerator these would certainly help.  Given the wellness provisions of most insurance plans they might even be tax deductible.  Heh.

As an aside, one of the greatest experiences of my life involved being stalked by a Predator.  Ravens have a vocalization that's very close, if not identical, to the distinctive yautja "clicks" used in the film.  I was hiking with some friends when we came upon the perfect place to take a break.  It was a small hollow carpeted with ferns growing about four feet high, surrounded by towering old growth pines.  The kind of place the word "lush" was invented for.  We were munching on our granola, enjoying the peaceful whispering of the wind blowing through the branches,, click, click, click.  We all had a puzzled "WTF?" look on our faces as our brains tried to identify the sound, followed by a " can't be...." reaction.  Then we looked at each other and dissolved into laughter.


Raven said...

And what's particularly nice about this similarity in sounds is that, when the Predators are done hunting, their utterances have likely attracted Ravens to the area, where (just coincidentally) there will now be an ample feast left behind for the hungry birds. Yummy!

Propnomicon said...

@ Raven

Your comment is incredibly meta. Heh.