Thursday, January 8, 2015

Magic Circle

A magic circle I banged out while experimenting with replicating the look of hand drawn figures.  Just right click and open in another tab for access to the full sized version.


Rdw said...

Are the characters drawn, or is that a font?
If font, what font is it?
Would be great for a draconic font in an RPG since everything looks like a claw or bone.

Propnomicon said...

It's the Rlyeh Runes font-

Rdw said...

Ahh. Thank you very much!

Raven said...

Impressively rough-and-worn! Did you modify the font and drawing pen, or did you write in solid black and then overlay a weathering pattern?

Propnomicon said...

Most of the wear was done using the Stroke function in Illustrator. I found that converting clean lines to pen strokes looked a bit too fake, but following that up with an outside stroke in white helped break up the regularity of the effect.

Koipond said...

I don't know the program you use so I can only give general suggestions. What really sells hand made is the varying line thicknesses, writing implement pressures that the human hand produces. You can achieve this with just a couple extra steps.

1.) Duplicate your art, leave it on top of the original and make it no fill, 1 point outline.

2.) Break apart fonts and shapes on the copy also.

3.) Then select individual parts and start going through your brushes and line thicknesses. Ignore what they look like in the menu, try them out first before dismissing them. Even what looks like obvious passes like checkerboards or fish shaped brushes when stretched out can look really good.

4.) You might want to add additional layers with different brushes/thicknesses. Try also offsetting your upper copies slightly for different looks.