Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Long Live the King

Kenn and Becky Osborne bring us the Masked Crown of the Unknown King.  It's interesting how a coat of grime and wear can make something attractive downright creepy.


Raven said...

Yes, the cheek-covers are reminiscent of the crown worn by the Witch-King of Angmar, chief Nazgûl, when he fought Eowyn between the corpse of his Fell Beast and the corpse of the horse pinning Eowyn's uncle King Theoden to the ground, outside the gates of Gondor's great fortress-city Minas Tirith. Save that the Nazgûl's crown was as black as the rest of his garb, while this grimy crown is drowned-corpse yellow -- plague yellow -- suitable perhaps for the ragged-robe-wearing bringer of so much sickness, the King in Yellow? Oh how credibly it would fit!

And while it looks like uncomfortably weighty and dangerously jagged steel, in fact it's leather -- meaning it's light, somewhat conformable to each wearer's head, and not about to poke or slice anyone (including the wearer) open. All the better to walk around in!

Anonymous said...

looks a lot like lotr prop!