Monday, April 18, 2011

The Necronomicon, Rusinov Edition

A. C. Rusinov brings us this recreation of the dread Necronomicon, complete with a wonderfully stylized bookstand. It's an interesting blend of the classic grimoire style Necronomicon and the fleshy "Evil Dead" interpretation.


Phil said...

While I've never been that big a fan of the Evil Dead version, I really like what he's done here. The stretched flesh effect is really well done.

You can bet I've adding these pics to my reference collection.

CoastConFan said...

That’s a nice grimoire, but I really like the bookstand/lectern that is supporting the book. As a suggestion to those making such books would be to incorporate an arcane tattoo on the added pieces for a bit of extra menace. Also an appropriate bookmark would be a nice accent to such a book. Along the line of grimoire accouterments would be a pointer. When you have a text that cannot be touched for various reasons, a pointer is used to keep your place. A nice one with a skeleton hand would be a good addition to your tabletop tableau of Cthonian equipage.

I am pretty pleased with the resourcefulness and artistry of many of the books people are producing. There are a lot of busy hands out there.

A.C. Rusinov said...

Hello, I am the designer and sculptor of this piece, you way want to check the other two editions.

I sold them all except for the last one, which is still for sale. It's also the last time I am going to make one of these.