Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Miskatonic Pennant Fix

So, the Miskatonic pennant. One group of folks love it- the ones that didn't have their package crushed flat during shipping. The ones receiving mailers that did get stomped on the way through the post aren't nearly as happy. Their pennants are arriving with sharp creases, which is exactly the kind of problem I was trying to avoid by wrapping the banners around the flatpacked items.

Obviously, that approach didn't work.

There are two possible fixes for the problem. The first is to flatten out the creases using an iron set on low heat. Place the banner face down on a flat surface, place a sheet of paper on top of it, and then apply the iron. Based on my tests that should fix any mild creasing.

The second approach should work for even heavily creased pennants. This involves rolling up the pennant and immersing it in slightly warm water. Let the felt sit in the water for a few seconds so that it gets fully saturated and the fibers relax. Then spread it out flat on a horizontal surface and let it air dry. There may be some slight curling of the edges as the felt dries, but that's easily fixed with an iron. If you want your pennant stiff enough to display horizontally on the wall just apply spray starch to the back and iron on low heat.

Again, I apologize to anyone who had their pennant mangled in the mail. In the future I'll be using a hard-shell mailer for goods like this.


affliction said...

Prop, my parcel was flattened and the pennant creased. I noted that you mentioned trying to avoid hard folding of the pennant. Then I saw all the other goodies, my wife commented on the quality, and disappointment had no place in my heart. Instead, I think you've started the first phase of aging in advance! Wonderful, wonderful project. Thank you for including us along the journy and sharing with us!

CoastConFan said...

If the pennants are made of felt, steam may be the answer to take out wrinkles and creases. I have reformed vintage hats that were crushed in a trunk using steam. The steam relaxes the fibers and allows them to return to their original shape. The best way is via directed steam from a teapot spout. Be very careful because steam can really burn you.

Since I don't know if the letters on the pennant are silk screened or are some plastic material, I suggest extreme care be taken until it can be determined that the letters won't be damaged by the heat generated by the steam.

Perhaps Propnomicon could experiment.

Aleister Crow said...

Had a couple of small creases in mine, thanks to the mailman cramming that huge envelope into a tiny little mailbox. They ironed out just fine, so no problems there.

Beautiful work on the whole package, it's got me looking forward to the next one.

Propnomicon said...

@ affliction

Thank you for the very kind words. To be honest, I was getting terribly discouraged because of all the delays in the project. Reactions like yours is what makes the whole process worth it.

@ CoastConFan

I didn't even think of using steam!

Today I received one of the packages back in the mail as undeliverable and I can see why the creasing is such a problem. The mailer was absolutely crushed, with gouges and rips in the paper. Next time I'm going to take a picture of the packages before they go out so people can see just how much abuse they suffer in transit.

@ Esrafael

Again, my thanks for the kind words. I was horrified when the first emails about the abused pennants started coming in, but I'm somewhat heartened that the fix is relatively easy.

Raven said...

"The mailer was absolutely crushed, with gouges and rips in the paper."

The consequence of using Byakhee as delivery agents.

Anonymous said...

Mine arrived pretty creased, but it's not too big an issue. I ironed it with steam, and it was prefect.

Loved everything I got! My hubby and I were completely impressed, and now the 4+ folks I've shown this week are completely jealous that they didn't get in on it. You've done amazing work.

Unknown said...

Mine was fairly creased from being stuffed in the mailbox (at least). I just laid it flat with the crease at/on the edge of a desk. After about three days it was no longer creased but simply "bent" and I moved it to be all on the flat surface. Now, a week after receiving it, it's almost compleatly flat--no iron or steam, just gravity and time :-)

Chris Tucker said...

My package was handed to me by the lettercarrier.

Even so, there was a bit of creasing in the pennant. Once it was unrolled and laid out atop my ancient KLH stereo plastic dust cover, the minor creases soon disappeared.

One thing that surprised me was ho big the pennant is. Very impressive.

Now I need to find a suitable frame for it, and possibly gin up a suitable school newspaper clipping reporting on the outcome of a football game.