Monday, April 11, 2011

Fae Under Glass

BrassnBedlam brings us a display of preserved fairy specimens. If I'm not mistaken they were made with the skeletons from a dollar store halloween garland, yet another example of how interesting props don't have to be expensive.


Tóbal said...

Woah! This is close to the kind of project I´m doing now! Love them!
Creepy fairies will rule the world!

Phil said...

You know you've been thinking about propmaking too much when the first thing that pops into your head when you look at that is "Wow, wonder where he found those cool boxes and medical tools?"

But yeah, mummified fairies is on my list of things to try someday.

LoneIslander said...

Looks pretty cool

CoastConFan said...

What a nice collection. The use of existing components really speeds up making props and these would be the envy of any cryptozoologist. The hinged frames are a nice touch, but there is a less expensive way to display your collections. You can also put a specimen in a Riker box, which are for scientific specimens. Riker boxes are inexpensive and add a cachet of authenticity. They are also available on line in a variety of sizes.

This puts me in mind of Brian Froud’s masterpiece, Lady Coltington’s Pressed Fairy Book. But whether you mash them in a book, stick pins in them and frame, they are still delightful. So get out your butterfly nets!

Unknown said...

WOw. These are nice! and along of what Im currently doing. I made a few for my neices, I didnt know there was many people making these. I wonder how much these sold for on ebay?

(Shameless self plug: Vonmaxwell on Deviant Art)

B.R. said...

This is very awesome. Reminds me of the Spider Wick Chronicles.