Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I have about a dozen sets of the Miskatonic University notebooks and postcards available for anyone who would like extras. Each includes three notebooks and three postcards identical to the ones included in the complete Miskatonic package.

The pocket notebooks measure 3.5" by 5" (8.89 cm by 12.7 cm) and have a saddle-stitch binding, 1/4" rounded corners, heavyweight cover, and 32 pages of high quality lined paper. All materials are 100% recycled and the cover designs are printed with environmentally friendly soy ink.

The three postcards are 4" by 6" vintage-style painted color prints of the Orne Library, Front Campus, and Middle Campus of Miskatonic University. The backs feature period layouts ideal for prop use. If you're using them as regular postcards please ignore the 20s era one cent postage rate. Heh.

Update: My thanks to everyone that ordered.


JJ said...

Hi ,

Found a small discrepancy.There seems to be an additional S&H charge coming up on Paypal when ordering. I already put it through because I didn't want to miss out again.

Propnomicon said...

@ John

It appears PayPal didn't take me seriously when I put "0" in the additional shipping column.

I've fixed the issue and sent you an email to resolve it. My thanks for bringing it to my attention.

DevilDan said...

I wouldnt mind a few extras. They make great gifts for friends. What are you particulars for getting them (shipping and cost)? My pannant was perfect by the way, no creases.

Anonymous said...

What are the particulars in getting them? Shipping costs and so on. My pennant was just fine by the way. No creases.


terrychilders said...

are there any left? i might like to order a set or two..

T Rohl Underbridge said...

Any of these Leftovers leftover?

Unknown said...

Are there any of these or the patches still left over?